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UPDATES WEDNESDAYS A tale of love, kindness and tenderness...or the complete lack of it at least. It follows the exploits of a mother of one, and lover of many. Her name is Barbara Broken-Holme, but the neighbours call her; Mrs. Badmum (as well as OTHER names) ********************* mrs. bad; mom, mum, mother, badmom ms.badmother...(no of course im not trying to sneak in tags!) is Done completely in Microsoft Paint /MS Paint with nothing but a mouse


So I'm still trying to reduce the HUMONGOUS page size problem, and I just FINALLY downloaded Paint.Net to help me do that. So far it seems as if it will do the job, (I should also probably start using it to draw the comic as well). ANYWAYS the page sizes should be reduced within this week after I'm done tinkering and learning the settings so yea...stop whining

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